Another congrats to Mr Elon musk.

Seriously dude. Take up all the fly-to’s in one shot. Send me for a personal visit, damn – its pocket change for you.

This is why :

HELL YEA. You have done more for space and this planet in two years then the entire congress  and of the world that has done since 1950. Omg, I wont live that long but steal all the fly-to’s and use them. The more money you make , the quicker we can establish colonies and escape our overseers.

Honestly. Send me an airline ticket to anywhere in the USA, ill have a beer with you and lets make a deal. Night on the town, few drinks, dinner. Go slumming. Shit, you spend more on a car tire. C’mon take a chance…


TEN MINUTES after YOU LANDED IT! Hell yea, your my hero! When you make NASA your bitch that is a true life achievement. Both you and Mr. Branson  have me for dinner.. “This dudes got an idea and in 5 years when we all get artificial bodies and can download our brains to a computer, this might not be a bad investment. Who would’a thought was something we shoulda grabbed while it was cheap…”

“Oh wait!” One said to the other, “How about you buy Fly-To-The-Moon and I’ll buy Fly-To-Mars and the rest we’ll work out…”

Good old Walt Disney saw the swampland for more then what it was. Better enlist a fan rather then a speculator who will destroy it.

Richard Branson You Sir are also brilliant, your combined works can change mankind. I, in no way want to minimize your achievements, but it was proof of concept. Mr Musk landed his rocket and delivered to the space station in 10 f***ing minutes.  I waited longer for PIZZA. Mr Bill Gates, I know your out there, and by my word I – started even before windows 3.1. Feed the poor or just send them to a new colony? I don’t know – not that smart… But The three of you combined? Imagine what you could accomplish for the history books. Seriously. You are all in a position to make a stamp on history even greater then the Romans. They made roads. Do the same thing. Create colonies. Create. Just create. Moon then Mars, enable to do their thing. Inflatable with your rockets and pocket change and bolt it tougher with with Canadarm. Imagine the results, in 2 months you have a full on spinning space station on it’s way to orbit the moon and soon after on from there to mars. And in my vernacular, lets quit fucking around. I’ve said before, Put me in your expensive car and why not, Ill go for the ride. I’m just a monkey.

Send it.  C’mon guys, you can change the world with pocket change.