Lockheed Martin Unveils Plans For Huge Reusable Moon Lander For Astronauts

This is very cool. I found it on slashdot.

Here is the LINK. Also the Lockheed proposal. Billionaires vs trillion dollar agencies.  The cost savings come from saving overhead.  Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Bill GatesJeff Bezos all you other people!  Screw it, you got the cash and the world has been waiting decades to see all that NASA art from the 70’s come to life. Apparently our elected officials can’t get it done. So for that I thank you all for you efforts.

Fully fueled 68 metric tons! That’s a big girl! 2 weeks on the surface! What a great start! Click the the link and see what comments have to say. It would appear that between Virgin Atlantic, SpaceX, NASA, Bigelow Aerospace  and others… The race is on. First one to the moon wins!