Bezos and Blue origin develop new lander!

Just found this very cool article. To quote from Daily Mail :

“Blue Origin is ‘going to the MOON’: Jeff Bezos unveils lunar lander at mysterious invite-only event in Washington D.C. and suggests his firm will hit VP Pence’s 2024 deadline for putting humans back on the surface”

Not only is this lander totally bad-ass looking, but Blue and Bezos have done what NASA failed to do for the last 50 years. And on much less budget, I believe.

Not sure what the future holds, But I can see SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Bigelow¬† Aerospace all working together. Blue makes the inital setup, possibly carrying some robots and a few inflatable modules from Bigelow, follow it up with with Blue/SpaceX just dropping tons of what would be needed. We could have a huge colony by 2030’ish.

Would be nice to see Boston Dynamics get involved with Lunar robots. 3D printing of structures, I think, would be the easiest. Digging would be best, much more protection underground, rather than the surface.

Keep up the hard work guys, your all doing what humanity really needs. We cant live in this old apartment forever, it’s time to leave the nest.