Report from the dark side of the moon.

China today has released a trove of pictures and data from the dark side of the moon.

Update 1-26-20, Popular Mechanics has this article with some really nice lunar pictures.

I thought today I should give credit where its due to the Chang’e-4 mission and its lunar lander, Yutu-2, on the dark side of the moon with a few relevant links. For those of you wondering how they take pictures with no light, read about Yutu-2’s cameras. To save you the click, its a really nice camera that can see in the 420-700nm range. The images you see are compiled from many exposures of different wavelengths.

I also was interested in the ground penetrating radar package. From the wiki :

“Lunar penetrating radar (LPR), is a ground penetrating radar with a probing depth of approximately 30 m with 30 cm vertical resolution, and more than 100 m with 10 m vertical resolution.[11]

Wonder if someone will find an artificial object buried somewhere. Along with the spectrum analyzer, most likely, they will find a gold mine of precious metals and stake a claim. Well, can’t complain, they were there first. (cough, NASA, cough)

The combination of instruments including the Advanced Small Analyzer for Neutrals (ASAN) found some interesting stuff. Not sure what it is but here are some links.

A nice article from on the original mission. This is a great read, lots of facts and details for those interested.

The data released is 17,239 data files equaling roughly 20.9GB of data. For those interested in that, its public and can be located here.

Congratulations guys, nice work! Even crashing on the moon is historically hard.

We should not forget who else do not get enough press. India’s 3rd lunar attempt. Those of you who wish to participate in intelligent commentary, or read more, I suggest this Slashdot link to the article. As always, I do try to save you the search, here is the Chandrayaan-3 mission wiki.