Another test.

I will have some more interior shots soon. Props etc, cargo area’s great for gameplay.  Stay Tuned. Also, somewhat proud of getting the dome to cast the sun shader. The nuances of Q3Map2 can be quite difficult to understand, including the many variations among the mutated versions of the shader language across mutated engines. More or less…the fact i got it to work surprised me. Credit to a unnamed dev who helped me understand painting textures in blender. (old picture, he’s lost to the internet – c*** the polys are mine, the paint was yours. Nice work for a speed test.)

As always, rt click and open in new window for full sized images.

Alternate biodome path.


Someone needs to mow the lawn…

Another view of the biodome.

Render test..  Plants are from youricks blender greenhouse. Looking much better but I need a render farm, this took a day. Grass is simple hair, many tutes on it but meh, it came out nice. However it gave me inspiration for other areas. Nonetheless, here it is..

I especially like the reflections in the glass shader.. guess i got that one right, still angry at the normalmap on the dirt.

I also did a bit of creative writing, inspired by some (rather weird) comments. For those of you in other places of the world, try my post on . Its cheezy sci-fi but meh, it is what it is.


Some more lunar art

I found an older quick prototype I made showing the inside of another biodome on the Moon, thought I would share. Enjoy! Stay tuned there is more to come! Please remember these are very old and do not constitute current progress. These were very old experiments fusing importing blender objects into older ID software tech and represent early test screenshots only.

A larger biodome, for recreation and provides a majority of oxygen as a closed ecosystem

Also this is bad art, but’s a very old test visual so bear with me. Its another lavatube example that wont make it into the finished base 😀 Speedblending 😀

A very bad rendering of another lavatube. Again, this is very old.

Another lavatube example…

Another example of a biodome
Yet another texture test on the biodome

Working in doom3 atm, porting old content etc of a moonbase.  Blender, gimp, netradiant, d3edit just to see how the workflow goes.

These are just prototypes, so it is what it is…

Another lava tube example on the moon. Alien Egg for those who play unvanquished 😀

An ethical correction…

I should point out that rocks are not hard to make, they were taken from Not magic, random rocks are not hard to make. He has a TON of great art and textures. He deserves a click. Moonrock textures were done in GIMP by myself. As others…

Trees are taken from and also the great youriks treehouse. (defunct)

Models done in blender and exported as md5,  imported into netradiant, shaders (they depend on the engine – shaderlab or glsl etc depends on your target engine.) are custom by me. Fast q3map2 compile is great test for q3/d3 varient engines.

For those asking how the textures work, simply make the shader name the same textures/windows/window.tga in your blender material, export the model, make the shader reflect it and install the model into netradiant.

Finally skybox and compile. I find this a great way of fast prototyping. I can see what i dream and still run around it in real time.




Some more test sshots of a moonbase done in doom3 engine.

Please remember these are copyright of . Please respect my work and link directly to the post and not image links.

Connecting tunnel on the moon
Inside view of lunar lava tunnel in doom3
Looking down a underground hallway on the moon


Some images of a moonbase

Was playing in blender, dream and enjoy.

Please remember these are copyright of . Please respect my work and link directly to the post and not image links.

I also hate to point out I had to disable all comments across the entire fly-to- domain. This is about the moon, not for creative essays for people learning English. While I applaud your efforts, its disrespectful to use this for communications. You should have been commenting on the articles I write and the content I publish, instead you used it to write nonsensical paragraphs about I don’t know what. Disrespectful.

looking out at earth
Another image from the biodome looking at earth across the moonscape
test image of a biodome on the moon
a habitable mooncave – lavatube example

Soviet ideas for lunar base.

Found this retro article in Popular Mechanics regarding a soviet idea for a self burying lunar base. In light of my thoughts in the last post, both are very practical ideas, however something tells me that it’s easier/faster/cheaper to bury something, rather then trying to make a lava tube airtight. Nonetheless, it’s definitely worth the read.

On the subject of rocket engines and soviet ingenuity, I must also link this article about how they basically lit the motors with big matchsticks 😀

China has plans for the moon, PM also writes “Shelved more than 40 years ago, the Soviet LK lander could help build the space boat that ferries China’s astronauts to the Moon.” Interesting note about the soviet lander would have been a tad safer with its somewhat superior engine solution that could tolerate failure. Also is interesting how these designs and ideas are still relevant today.

Lunar caves as a habitat.

Not sure if this is a true lava tube, looks more like a big hole. I imagine further radar mapping will find more lava tube systems. However, the concept is sound and it’s a practically ready made outpost. Robotic preparation to seal the cave with some form of lunar shotcrete (a form of spray on concrete), add a door and kinda simple in theory..


Update: Here is a new link with a hi-res picture of the cave/pit.