Something from the past…

As I was scouring my old archives I found this compilation I would like to show you. These images are part of a collection from almost 20 years ago taken from Quake2 and Quake3 engine tests. I made *many* maps but moonbase was always my goal to perfect my art. *deep breath* So these are some of my earliest works from The Way Back Machine. Please bear with the nostalgia..

This archive represents my first works with quake3 and creating models. At the time, shader language and q3map2 were still in their infancy.  Blender was not perfect, so creating md2’s and md’3 and lwo models was not easy, especially working with open source linux tools. Couldn’t afford autocad and all the expensive software. I compiled from scratch just to make the tools. Photoshop? Hell no, used gimp. Compiled from scratch…

*another deep breath* I hoped some of you will appreciate the development process back then, especially being only one person.  Remember – This is almost 20 years ago… So here we go.

It first began with a texture. I needed a moonrock texture. Scoured the NASA archives and found this and went from there. If I remember right, it was a closeup from the apollo missions I texturized and made seamless.

Moonrock texture

Now I had the moon look so I started next on the basic land mass. The orange texture was a placeholder until I could work on shaders.

First start

Now that I was liking the terrain i moved onto the dome and catwalks a bit more.

Moon base biodome catwalks

Seemed ok for gameplay. Kept going. Here is an exterior view.

Biodome outer view

Liked it so it was time to add plants.

Biodome version 1

By this time I begun to understand blender and the workflow, so I began some interior places. Here are a few examples.

Mooncave interior

This is also a screenshot of same section in progress. Now at this time i should note I soon began to realize the limitations of q3map2. Not that the engine could not display it but q3map2 had issues with the model. Turns out I had to start chopping things up. Not that it had too many vertices, but it was too large for the light map. Other issues too – for anyone that tried serious mapping for id tech 2-4 you know what I mean. Still amazed though what I could accomplish once I figured it all out. Also note the lack of phong shading as these are editor screenshots – and I was still learning vertex shading.

lunar cave

I hope this shows you a little bit about game development and the artists mind. I also leave you these three gems from my quake2 days.

old quake 2 netradiant screenshot

Hey, it was quake 2 – only so much you could throw at a computer back then before people complained about framerates in deathmath and multiplayer.

Another old quake2 screenshot

Again, too many poly’s for people…back then..

Yet another old quake2 screenshot

Just something to post in honor of the old games. When a Voodoo2 and a 486 were king. Just a reminder to us all gamers not to forget our roots. I’ll try to have a few more up soon…





Some more lunar art

I found an older quick prototype I made showing the inside of another biodome on the Moon, thought I would share. Enjoy! Stay tuned there is more to come! Please remember these are very old and do not constitute current progress. These were very old experiments fusing importing blender objects into older ID software tech and represent early test screenshots only.

A larger biodome, for recreation and provides a majority of oxygen as a closed ecosystem

Also this is bad art, but’s a very old test visual so bear with me. Its another lavatube example that wont make it into the finished base 😀 Speedblending 😀

A very bad rendering of another lavatube. Again, this is very old.

Some images of a moonbase

Was playing in blender, dream and enjoy.

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looking out at earth
Another image from the biodome looking at earth across the moonscape
test image of a biodome on the moon
a habitable mooncave – lavatube example